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We are a Laboratory for Brands and Digital Experiences for the PMU and Beauty world.
KAcreate is a forward-thinking marketing and digital agency
specialising in permanent makeup and beauty sector with extensive knowledge of the industries and numerous projects internationally.

Founded by Anastasia Kharina (Kharina Media)

We are a team of curious human beings with a passion for pushing forward and exploring new ways to inspire and grow.
We’re a carefully curated team of ambidextrous brand thinkers and doers

Each of us is part architect, part artist, part activist—the uncommon mix of vision, craft, action and influence needed for true transformation and success.

Anastasia Kharina

Founder of KAcreate by Kharina Media
Brand strategist, digital marketer and events expert. Anastasia has spent over 18 years in the industry with extensive knowledge and experience in general media, marketing, social media and event management.

Having worked alongside many top Masters and leading companies from all over the world she has gained an enviable reputation as a fantastic Event Organiser, Presenter, Translator and Media consultant. Many successful events have been the result of Kharina Media’s work, pulling the right people together and using her organisational skills to ensure each and every event runs smoothly for both students and Masters – these events often taking place all over the world!

Official host and translator of Worldwide Eyebrows Festival. Hosted and translated over 100 permanent make up and beauty events around the globe.

Vitaly Platov

Senior graphic designer & Web Developer
Lead Web Developer and graphic designer with over 20+ years of experience in PMU, Beauty and other fields. Excellent object-oriented design and development skills. Dedicated and self-motivated with a solid educational background in Graphic Design.

Vitaly is an accomplished brand strategist with a passion for solving problems, creating hyper-targeted messaging, and a keen understanding of brand development. He is a solution-focused thought leader that can quickly decipher and translate requirements into measurable results to build unique awareness, solid brand equity and ensures world-class deliverables across all touchpoints.

Vitaly has proven prowess in developing branding campaigns and plans for startups, television networks, and media organizations in both B2B and B2C markets.

Tamara Gruznova

SEO & Digital marketing expert
Tamara´s passion for SEO, content marketing, integrated marketing communications, software development and customer experience is contagious.

Results-focused with a thorough understanding of the latest Digital Marketing Tools, Strategies and Trends, to enhance traffic and increase sales with the greatest Conversion Rate and ROI possible. Her groundbreaking efforts in obtaining organic search results have helped many PMU businesses and artists to achieve outstanding returns. Google ads and Reddit ads wizard. More to it, Tamara speaks 5 languages to add to her incredible portfolio.

Tamara’s finance background is instrumental in applying new knowledge of digital marketing to create success online.

Artem Krul

Videographer & Photographer
Meet a filmmaker and director with over fifteen years of experience in the audiovisual and digital media industries. Over the years, he has honed his skills in creating high-quality content that engages audiences across all platforms, from creative media, and TV adverts and filming the biggest PMU and beauty events around the world. Artem has worked with many local and international brands, agencies and production companies, building a reputation as a reliable and creative industry partner.

Artem has collaborated with well-known local and international PMU and beauty brands, to create award-winning video content that engages audiences. His full service includes conceptualization, script writing, storyboarding, film planning, location scouting, team management, post-production and project coordination to ensure the highest quality final product.

As a content creator, Artem produces online training, narratives, documentaries, promo videos, video content for advertising and marketing campaigns, corporate videos, live events and promotional videos.

Something About Us


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